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    Florida is About to Get Sophisticated Modern Rail Service

    Posted by Anabelle Suriel on Dec 27, 2017 5:45:00 PM

    train-2586525_1280.jpgTrain travel evokes a bygone era for many people. But a new era is on the horizon in Florida with the sleekly modern and vividly-colored trains from Brightline that are about to revolutionize travel between Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Orlando service will be added in Phase Two.

    Brightline is unique in that it is the only privately-owned and operated passenger rail system in America. Built by a team of 1,000 people and 40 component suppliers around the country, the intercity express train service will connect southeast Florida in about an hour’s travel time.  Service between Miami and Fort Lauderdale will take 30 minutes and travel between Miami and West Palm Beach will take just an hour.

    Travelers to the popular vacation destinations of southern Florida will be able to journey in sophisticated ease and erase traffic headaches from their itineraries. Visitors will enjoy the most modern engineering and accommodations but still experience the romance of a bygone era that train travel holds.

    As of October, all five of the company’ brightly hued, modern trainsets had arrived at the railroad’s operation center in West Palm Beach. BrightBlue, BrightPink, BrightOrange, BrightGreen and BrightRed, all built by Siemens USA in Sacramento, CA, made their maiden 3,052-mile journeys via rail across eight states and are poised to be put into service before year-end.

    Brightline’s vivid trainsets are comprised of two yellow diesel-electric locomotives on either end, with four stainless-steel coaches in between. According to the company website, the integrated system is designed to provide a quiet, comfortable ride with efficiency. The system makes use of boarding platforms that automatically shift to the right level and wide aisles that exceed ADA standards for enhanced comfort and ease, making them accessible for all travelers.

    Once aboard, riders can kick back and relax in luxurious accommodations featuring leather seats and multiple electrical and electronics outlets for various devices and complimentary WIFI service.

    The sleek new trains are being put through their paces as they undergo testing and commissioning during the pre-launch phase. In the meantime, Brightline continues to put the finishing touches on their three train stations in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.

    Travel to Orlando will be featured in Phase Two of Brightline’s service in Southeast Florida. Stay up to date on all the railroad’s service developments, schedules and pricing on its Facebook page.

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