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    Swim With Dolphins at Discovery Cove

    Posted by Anabelle Suriel on Jan 18, 2018 1:00:00 PM

    bottlenose-dolphin-58393_1280.jpgOne of the best parts of visiting Orlando is the access to exotic wildlife. Discovery Cove, ranked consistently high on Trip Advisor, is a tropical destination renowned for giving visitors the opportunity to swim with bottlenose dolphins and sharks, snorkel with tropical fish and stingrays and get up-close with other animals and birds. This one-of-a-kind educational adventure theme park, located next to SeaWorld Orlando, has to be on your vacation bucket list, particularly for kids six and older and including teens. Let’s see what makes it so incredible.

    Three choices for fabulous fun

    Discovery Cove caters to only 1,300 guests per day, ensuring that overtourism doesn’t cramp your style and that you have plenty of space and time to experience its eight signature areas and experiences.  Three “day pass” choices are available for adults.

    The Day Resort Package, which is roughly $180 per person in January, gets you into the exclusive areas of The Grand Reef, Serenity Bay, Explorer’s Aviary and The Wind-Away River, plus  breakfast, lunch, unlimited snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages. It includes complimentary use of snorkel gear, a wetsuit, towels, lockers, and sunscreen as well as showers, a changing room and all-day parking, and you can customize your day pass with all kinds of upgrades, including alcoholic beverages. 

    Swimming with Bottlenose Dolphins in Dolphin Lagoon

    The All-Inclusive Dolphin Swim Package is a slightly higher package price, but one of the most popular. A one-on-one dolphin encounter is something so many people dream about doing. The majority of marine mammals on site were born in the park and are well cared for. You’ll be looking into the eyes of these beautiful, intelligent creatures as one of their experienced dolphin experts helps you get acquainted with them and understand their behavior and communication. With trust, some rubdowns (and maybe even a kiss or two), your bottlenose dolphin will be ready to take you for ride on its dorsal fin into deeper water for this thrilling interactive experience. You can even choose photographs and video of your personal experience to bring back home.

    The top-line Trainer for a Day package gives the participant intensive exposure to the animals, the opportunity to shadow a professional trainer and learn about the work routines, special access to behind-the-scenes areas, and unlimited access to SeaWorld Orlando and other theme parks.

    Other Not-To-Miss Experiences

    Another popular attraction for families and couples is a float on the Wind-Away River, a lazy, relaxing river adventure through the park. With a wet suit or swim vest, you’ll float along on a gentle current of 80-85-degree crystal clear water, past ecosystems transformed into fantasy: a lush, tropical paradise of sandy beaches, a dense rain forest, beneath the rocky terrain of cascading waterfalls, and even through an underwater cave. There is more relaxation and swimming on the white sand beaches of Serenity Bay, but still more options are available. The Aviary is full of colorful exotic birds that you can hand feed. Or you can put on a dive helmet and take the Seaventure underwater walking tour of a massive open reef and watch the schools of fish swirl around you as you reach out to touch them and the glossy cownose and southern stingrays.

    For more exciting ideas about what to do while staying at CLC Resorts, visit our Discover Page.

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